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Meet Our Coach

Abnner Aguirre
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Multi-Sport Coach,
Founder TRi-Locos®

With pleasure in sports, since childhood practicing various disciplines, such as Tae-kown-Do, BasketBall, American FootBall

In 2005, having started a career in an industry, he ventured into the athletics area.After a few extra kilos caused by the sedentary lifestyle of the industry, he decided to start running.


His beginnings were like most of zero and with fat, starting with a 5K and progressing in distances, where in 2010, seeing that just running was no longer enough, he decided to start with the triathlon, with the idea in mind of achieving a 70.3

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Like many, he started from "zero" Making mistakes, but the most important thing is learning from them, studying and absorbing information, consulting with other Coaches, it is for that reason that we believe that as a coach it is a good option to support you to start your projects or polish them. Since apart from those who are or have been athletes dedicated 100% to sport since childhood or who are or have been elite, the coach has the empathy of the different factors that surround us as people who live a working life, because he knows and meets his own flesh:

  • How does it feel to start.

  • How it feels to belong to the industry.

  • How does it feel to be a father?

  • How it feels to be an entrepreneur.

  • How it feels to fail and start over.



As a Coach, I can trust you that learning to be a coach-a leader; It has been a great challenge, although training to achieve a classification, or training to achieve places on the podiums is difficult; so is learning to lead a team and people, make them believe in themselves. At the same time, the challenge of staying as an honorable guide is also a HUGE challenge that must be maintained day by day, with spirits and without spirits.

Here you realize that each individual is a world of different ideas, so, just as in sport, also with people, in leadership you must learn to be disciplined and patient, you must learn from mistakes and seek to correct them.


There will be those who want to have results immediately but "time is not rushed"


As they say "God's times are perfect"


I hope I can win the vote of your confidence and allow me to be your coach-guide.

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